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On Furlough?

Furlouvailable is a free service created specifically to link together furloughed workers, volunteers or retirees and worthwhile causes and companies. Specifically, Furlouvailable targets those workers across the world who have been put in a position where they are being paid from some sort of government agency and unable to do their regular day job, or persons who are able to offer their time due to their circumstances. On the other side of this equation there are valuable enterprises such as charities, non-profits, startups and small businesses who could benefit from the expertise of these furloughed workers. Furlouvailable matches the two sides of this equation to everyone’s benefit.

Furlouvailable is setup as a non-profit organization and we run our website and service free of charge for all users around the world. Are you #FurlouVailable?

How does it work?

Available to Help? Need help?

Perhaps a furloughed worker is going stir crazy being on lockdown and needs to take their mind off of the current situation, maybe they are looking to learn new skills and try a new experience, or perhaps they are just bored. What better way to spend your time than aiding an organization that can benefit from your talents, or who would appreciate your help in a new endeavor? Furlouvailable helps bridge this gap, our free furlough match website looks for matches between furloughed workers, volunteers or retirees, and worthwhile causes evermore in need in these difficult times.

Perhaps a charity needs help with their website, a non-profit with some market analysis, a startup with some machine learning code, or a small business with a review of their marketing plan. Talent with experience in customer support, creative design, law, machine intelligence, marketing, retail, data analytics, business analysis, accountancy, whatever – all these skills and many, many more exist out there with people willing to help. Let’s get the two of you connected.


We match keywords from those able to help and those looking for talent to find a great match. This site was created from a dating website, so find your match around the world.


If there seems like a good match, checkout the profile of the other user and investigate. You can send offline messages to ask further questions. If you want to have a 1:1 then go to our slack channel here.


We have a dedicated slack channel here so meeting up and having the first interview or an initial chat to see if things will work out is extremely easy

Trust and safety

We are powered by the well known and secure platform WordPress. We care about your privacy and make sure your data is super safe.