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About us

We had an idea

Many people are being furloughed and are being paid not to work for their current employer.

But they are still available to work for someone. Or volunteer. Or just try something new.

At the same time there is shortage of people in some jobs and industries. This sounded like something we could help with, to put both sides together.

It’s all about doing something rewarding, new, fun, useful.

Not only is this a difficult time for everyone, but charities, not for profits, startups and small businesses are especially badly hit. We met doing an MBA at Durham Business School and we bonded over data analytics and beer. We looked at this problem and wondered what we could do to help. Voila! FurlouVailable was born.


Because we can

The modern world has changed irrevocably, having had to put some employees on furlough we decided to try and make the most of the situation and try and do something positive.

  • We have no idea if this will work or not, but we can but try to do something

  • If we are able to help small companies, individuals and in that manner positively influence an economy…. That’s why


Putting together a need and a resource

Establishments looking for talent. Talent looking to do some new in their furlough period

  • We are a non-profit operating this website free of charge for all

  • We are looking to try and help people, economies and businesses come out of these times better and stronger

Making connections

This site was originally a dating website, something we thought was rather appropriate

  • The keywords have changed to be sure, but we are still looking to match people to opportunities

  • Our search tries to match keywords, so if you are not finding something interesting, then try editing your keywords

  • Once you have found something you would like to take further, you can message the other user 

  • For realtime conversation, interviews and next steps, we have a slack channel available here furlouvailable.slack.com


The 3 must get beers

From left to right. Dimitrios Dimitriou, Tim Robson and Prince Matambanadzo

  • We met during our MBA, and our WhatsApp chat is entitled “The 3 must get beers”

  • We are all currently employed and are doing this as a non profit in our spare time