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A little guide to help you find your way

Furlouvailable has 2 key roles:

  1. Members – Everyone/Organisation that has an account
  2. Groups – A collection of members with a common purpose/need/theme
Once you are signed up, you can use functionality across Furlouvailable to help you in your search

Finding Matches

Smart matching

We use smart matching that provides a weighted search using your profile keywords and what it is you are after. The simple steps to follow are:

1. Furlough Search

Click on the Search icon in the top right-hand corner and add any filters e.g ‘startups’

The search will return any members and groups that match your search criteria

2. Messaging

Once you have found an ideal match, send them a message, strike up conversation and see where it leads.

You will get notified on your registered email when you get a response.

We have also included a mechanism to mention members and groups – a great way to share opportunities and experiences.

3. Groups

We have created a a few groups to get everyone started but members can create new groups.

Under the community menu, select groups, fill out the required details and don’t forget to invite a member or 2